Postpartum Virtual Yoga   Welcoming Change


A specially curated postpartum virtual yoga series
Guided by Cathy Clark, Osteopathic Manual Practitioner

Bring your baby to class!

Open for all parents with babies 6 weeks - 18 months.

In this virtual setting you can participate as much as you can, while also feeling comfortable to care for your child at home. 


Dates:  Every Tuesday
April 9 - May 14

Time: 11:00am-11:40am

Fee: $115

Establishing a regular yoga practice during your postpartum leave supports you and your baby in many different ways.

- Postpartum specific exercises to support physical recovery of your abdominal and pelvic core muscles

- Increased strength and flexibility of your arms and chest to assist with holding baby and breastfeeding

- Nervous system regulation through breath work and relaxation poses


- Balancing hormones and releasing endorphins during periods of stress and sleep deprivation

- Tuning into own bodies and spending precious moments of time practicing self-care

- Engaging in yoga class with baby also helps to regulate baby’s nervous system

- Prepare your body to getting back into a routine after your leave finishes, and for any future pregnancies and births.

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Post-Partum Virtual Yoga Series: Welcoming Change