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Womb Oracle Deck

Womb Oracle Deck

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An oracle deck to use as a supportive tool to guide women through pregnancy.
This deck empowers Mothers with self-trust and creates a sense of community so that as each Mother journeys through her unique experience, she remembers that she’s not alone. 

Inside Womb Oracle Deck, 10 other Mothers created and curated cards from their own unique experience of wisdom and knowledge to further assist you as you integrate the deck into your daily practice. Each Mother lovingly weaved an offering from their reclaimed emotional insight to provide you with a sense of feeling held from afar. 

This 33-card oracle deck and guide book is intended to bring you back to your heart and guide you in the moments of misalignment, back to yourself, with clarity.

Created by Mother Ashley Adamo.
Illustrated by Hanna Flachs.
Designed by Jazmin Welch.

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