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Love your Lymph #4: Body June 8th

Love your Lymph #4: Body June 8th

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2 hour workshop from 2-4pm

On June 8th 

Bring a friend and receive $20 off each!

  • Body: areas to focus to include the legs and arms
  • Learn the power of daily dry brushing and most importantly learn proper techniques to ensure you are receiving the health benefits
  • Feel empowered with a full body self-lymph-drainage guidelines broken down into steps that you will learn with hands on teaching, but also go home with the steps outlined for reference so you can integrate this into your weekly self care routine for maximal results
  • Learn how to use tools such as gua sha, lymph brushes and exfoliation mitts for added benefits
  • Gain an understanding of detoxification through the lymph and other natural supports to possibly augment your self-lymph results
  • Includes a goodie bag with promotions worth a minimum value of $100


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